7th Tradition

Recovery Source is a “passion project,” created from a drive to enable struggling groups to reach those who still suffer. This project is fully self-supported by voluntary contributions from project members who desire to share such expenses.

Recovery Source will remain completely free for all 12-Step programs that find the service useful; no outside donations are accepted. Developers who join this project are only permitted to contribute after one year of membership.

Financial Disclosure

Recovery Source strives for solutions with the lowest total cost of ownership, focusing on both predictable billing and a high quality end-user experience.

Recurring Costs:





Register recoverysource.net

Documentation, Demonstrationss, Tests, Etc.


Register sobersupport.group

Top-level address for support group sites


Register sober.page

Short and memorable alias



VPS (forwarding service backend)



Basic CDN and DDoS protection

Total: $100/yr

Prudent Reserve:

Registrar pricing can be tricky, so it is prudent to lock-in acceptable prices for as long as possible, which ICANN limits to ten years. All other funding is accepted only when needed. The table below lists all contributions this project is able to accept from it’s members.




5 yr Registration for https://recoverysource.net/


8 yr Registration for https://sober.page/


2 yr Registration for https://sobersupport.group/

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